5-Tier Revenue Share Plan


Present Value of Money is more than Future Value!


Control and diversify your future investments!


PRG Platinum has an annual cap of $12k at 85/15!

$200 per transaction after cap

$300 annual renewal includes KvCore, Online University, use of Corporate Timeshare, MLS in MOST of Texas for Co-listing and Recruiting Opportunity as well as NO monthly fees!


PRG Platinum re-invests $3k back to Agent from the company's portion after reaching CAP after ONLY One YEAR.


You have the option to invest in an IRA, Money Market, Mutual Fund, Seth, Roth, deposit into your Ameritrade Account OR receive CASH so that you may pay your Realtor Annual Fees or the IRS!


We will set you up with a licensed Wealth Manager!


There is NO 3 year waiting or vesting period!


There is also a small percentage ownership paid through a K-1 for those that cap!


NOT Stock its ACTUAL Ownership! Upto 3%!


We pay 5 Tiers of residuals for soft recruiting and team building!


Grow your income Exponentially!


A REAL Office with REAL Staff offering REAL Life Solutions!


You also have the option to Join PRG 100% and retain all of your profit margin to control and diversify your own investments!


Earn 5% revenue share up to $4,000 per capping agent from PRG’s portion of the split.

Unlock additional tiers as your network and team grows.





Tier 1

5% up to annual cap

1+ producing agents


Tier 2

4% up to annual cap

10+ producing agents


Tier 3

3% up to annual cap

15+ producing agents


Tier 4

2% up to annual cap

20+ producing agents


Tier 5

1% up to annual cap

25+ producing agents




Premier Realty Group Platinum is about the REAL Estate First!

Agents must be producing and must close one transaction at least every 6 months

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