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  2. 210.641.1400
1901 North Pintas Adami Road
1901 North Pintas Adami Road
Single Family
  1. Price: $3,318,950.00
  2. Days On Market: 38
  3. Acreage: 0.00 acres
  4. Pool: No
  5. Waterfront: No
  6. Year Built: Not Available
MLS#: 1324757
  1. County: LA SALLE
  2. City: Laredo
  3. Zipcode: 78019
  4. District: Not Applicable
  5. Elementary School: Not Applicable
  6. Middle School: Not Applicable
  7. High School: Not Applicable
  8. Provided by: U.S. Condo Exchange, LLC
A true south Texas hunting ranch in Webb county. The original big buck country. This ranch has been intensely managed over the years. Improved superior whitetail genetics have been added to the her [Read More]

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